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Tick Reviews: Overview, Pricing and Features

What is Tick?

Tick is a time tracking software solution that helps teams easily track time and hit their budgets. Tick offers integrated apps for phones, desktops, and browser extensions so you can quickly enter your time. This system integrates project management software such as Trello, Asana, and Basecamp to bring time tracking and budget feedback into your project management workflow. You can also export your time entries to Freshbooks or Quickbooks for simple invoicing.

Tick tracks your time against your budgets and helps you remain profitable. You can track your time on your desktop, Apple Watch, Android, or iOS device. Enter time from anywhere and keep your projects on time and on budget.

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Select your project and task, then start this time tracker with just a button click. Tick takes the hassle out of time tracking so you can focus on important work. Each time you submit a time entry, Tick updates your project and task budgets in real-time and reports it back to you. This information helps you identify issues before they cost you time and money.

Overview of Tick Benefits

Here are some of the benefits commonly associated to using Tick:

Improve your bottom line with this straightforward time management software

Tick gives you a direct way to track your time against a budget. Whether you’re a freelancer or have hundreds of employees, this app turns time management software into a streamlined communication tool.

The timecard

Tick’s straightforward timecard works in just three steps: Select your project (organized by client), select the task, and enter your time. Once your time is entered, you can enter notes, use timesheet reporting to get budget feedback or dig deeper into projects with just a click.

Running timers

Tick’s in-app timers free you up to stay on task by tracking your hours for you. Start a single timer or toggle between multiple timers as you move between tasks. Create new timers from completed time entries throughout the day and after the task is finished, enter that time directly from the timer.

Get instant budget feedback in the timecard

Getting consistent budget feedback keeps everyone on track. After a team member enters time to a task, the project and task budgets are shown to let them know how much time they have left to complete the work.

Try free for 30-days

Enter time from anywhere

Entering time consistently has a lot to do with convenience. That’s why Tick has built timers that run on your phone, tablet, desktop, watch or browser. You’re always just a few clicks or taps away from entering your time.

Project budget tracking that doesn’t hold you back

Tick’s budget tracking offers increased communication about a project’s time budget without hindering productivity. From setting up projects with tasks and budgets, to assigning team members for the work, your team can start tracking time budgets on-the-fly and identify issues before they cost you time and money.

Keep projects on budget

Tick provides an easy way for administrators to look into a project and see a breakdown of the hours tracked by task and people. With details like this easily accessible, checking the status of your projects takes just seconds.

Time reporting for better communication, billing, and planning

Tick’s reports are built around actionable data. They are easy to create, update and dig through. Plus, these reports make it simple to bill clients, or see any trouble spots in the project process so you can make adjustments before it is too late.

Export reports to Freshbooks, Quickbooks, or as CSV (Excel)

Tick makes it easy to get a CSV file of your reports for invoicing through a third party accounting software. And if you use Freshbooks or Quickbooks, Tick is integrated with their software to make the export/import even easier.

Tick Features

  • Billable and non-billable hours
  • Employee database
  • Export reports
  • Instant budget feedback
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Online time tracking
  • Project budget tracking
  • Project overview
  • Running timers
  • Set budgets for individual tasks
  • Time per project reporting
  • Timecard

Try free for 30-days

Tick Pricing

Tick offers a 30-day free trial and 5 different enterprise pricing plans for users to consider:

1 Project – Free

  • Unlimited people
  • Basecamp integration

10 Projects – $19/month

  • Unlimited people
  • Basecamp integration

30 Projects – $49/month

  • Unlimited people
  • Basecamp integration
  • Recurring projects

60 Projects – $79/month


  • Unlimited people
  • Basecamp integration
  • Recurring projects

Unlimited Projects – $149/month

  • Unlimited people
  • Basecamp integration
  • Recurring projects

All plans allow unlimited archived projects. Archived projects do not count against your plans project limit.

All plans also include:

  • Desktop timers and iPhone app
  • Full reporting
  • RSS project tracking
  • SSL for secure web pages
  • Unlimited people, clients, and tasks

Try free for 30-days

Try free for 30-days
Tick - Time Tracking Software - Run More Profitable Projects
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