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Review Float – Intuitive, visual cash flow forecasting

Float is an online money administration and estimating application planned too help organizations remain over their income. This apparatus helps organizations, especially proprietors, business consultants, and fund division heads, venture their trade out the bank, empowering them to determine to influencing the correct advances and come to great choices so they’ll to accomplish their business objectives.

Float money administration arrangement coordinates easily with the main bookkeeping frameworks, furnishing you with a ground-breaking yet easy to use apparatus that gives you exact ongoing look of your income. Float additionally offers projections of your income for up to years into the future, which gives clients keen and noteworthy bits of knowledge on the most proficient method to guide their organizations to achieve achievement and meet objectives.

With Float, clients can set spending plans, pursue execution and build and actualize both here and now and long haul income. You can likewise take a gander at the every day, week after week or month to month perspective of your income and go granular into bills and solicitations by penetrating them down so you can get a point by point viewpoint of your ingoings and outgoings.

The best part is that Float assembles live information from your bookkeeping bundle naturally. Not any more manual contributing of your actuals and what you have is will have a continuous, rolling, precise conjecture.

Float Features


These indicate how close you are to meeting your sales goals and how much budget you have left for each month. Use them to compare your cashflow across time and to help you stay on track for the long haul.

Here you can test what works best for your business by using ‘what if’ analysis. Simply change expected dates on critical bills or invoices to see how they affect your cashflow, that way you can stay out of the red.

Detailed drill down

You will receive information about any money you use, or the remaining balance in your account. You can see details of any money. Balance the budget easily.
Get a snapshot of what hasn’t been paid, where cash is coming and going and when.


Set budgets to stay on track and in control. They show up visually as bars on your cashflow chart to show how your actuals are measuring up against them.

Track and control them as a flow chart. You can see the financial future clearly. Measure and assess the relevance of current revenues and expenditures.

Exporting and reporting

Create beautiful PDF reports of your forecast
Use them to impress investors and board members
Work with your bank or accountant to plan spending

Sync up your accounting software

Connect your accounting software
Float integrates with Xero, QBO and FreeAgent
Float integrates with Xero, FreeAgent and Quickbooks Online
Import your data and get straight to the insights
Get an updated forecast each day


3 plans: Extra Large, Large, Medium
The bigger the package, the more you can manage your account.
For month to month memberships, you will be charged every month on the day you initially joined and your month to month membership will naturally reestablish every month. For yearly memberships you will be charged the yearly expense and we will help you ahead of time to remember your membership naturally restoring a year from the date of your unique membership
You can try it in 14 days: Start my 14 day free trial





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